Collin Messer

Front End Developer & UI Designer

Collin MesserI'm a Christ follower, husband, and father first. Then, a Front End Developer at Healthx where I build tech in the midwest.

4 Things That Make Your Life Better Every Day

October 04, 2017

What if there were four things that if you did them every day they could 10x your return on life? Of course it’s hard to physically measure the ROI, but I guarantee that people practicing these four concepts would agree.

I think there are a few things you should do every day. They apply to everyone. These things aren’t earth shattering but when you repeat them day in and day out, they will change your life. I won’t tell you specifically how to do them, because they can look differently for everyone. But strive to make them a habit and notice how it effects your life.

  1. Express Gratitude
  2. Tell Someone You Love Them
  3. Invest In Yourself
  4. Invest In Someone Else